Craving for German food, pork knuckle @Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When a person speaks of German food in Malaysia, two food items come to mind – German beer and pork knuckle. The former achieve widespread fame due to beer being an integral part of German culture and the widespread celebration of Oktoberfest throughout the world. As for the later, we at Blackforest are not quite sure why it is more famous than other German food. But one thing is for sure; both of them go really well together!

Although Blackforest is quite well known for serving German beer and pork knuckle, as a German restaurant taking pride in serving authentic and excellent German food, we are confident to say that any item found in our menu would be just as good. However, reason compels us to have you refer to some of the reviews from tripadvisor about us below, instead of just taking our word for it. We shall let you decide for yourself if you should and come try our dishes, especially the ever-so-famous German beer and pork knuckle.

“Been to this restaurant a few times. Love the food here especially it’s pork knuckle, very crispy yet not too dry, goes with its special sauce that made of German beer, must try!!!”

– Yvonne Y

“Had some beer and tapas just beside the road. Behold, it’s not your average bar snacks. The bread that comes with the chinvos i ordered might just be the best bread i have EVER eaten. It is hard at the outside, but so soft in the insides, and smells of herbs and spices.. though the red wine sauce and authentic german sausage as the main tapas were fabulous as well, i just had to eat the bread on its own. too delicious!! it’s the night that i fall in love with german food.”

– NatashaTing

“I love this place! I tried the BBQ Rippchen Tradioneller art which is glazed with American BBQ sauce served with mango salad.. super delicious! I give it a 10/10. super fantastische!”

– ikerger